Your Guide to Data Governance, Data Architecture, and Data Lakes

February 18, 2020

Do you have questions about Data Governance, Data Architecture, or Data Lakes? Perhaps you are curious about adopting a framework to increase productivity, drive efficiency, and ensure compliance with privacy and security regulations? Learn the meanings behind and the relationships between Data Governance, Data Architecture, and Data Lakes in our newest eBook, “The Three Pillars of Data Governance That Drive Successful Data Modernization”.

This eBook lays out a Data Governance framework and its application within a modern Data Lake-driven Data Architecture that IT can adopt to accelerate the creation of business value. Taking a deep dive into the subject matter, it focuses on the importance of Data Governance and the ways to align Data Governance with a broader data modernization initiative and the larger technology landscape. The goal is to make the Data Lake and modern data architecture operational through Data Governance and define the roles and guiding principles of the three facets of modern data.

The free eBook is available now. Download your copy today and get started on your journey to understanding and leveraging a modern data infrastructure. three_pillars_eb2_linkedin


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