Productive Edge Hosts Intelligent Automation Dinners

October 09, 2019

In September, Productive Edge hosted a pair of dinners focused on the power of Intelligent Automation (IA). Together with our partner WorkFusion, the events were the perfect combinations of technology, networking, and delicious food. The first occasion was held in New York City on September 17, while the second was held in Chicago on September 24. The Chicago event featured special guest Kery Wang, Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence Leader at Humana. Productive Edge and WorkFusion experts were on hand to share case studies and discuss how leading companies are achieving significant cost savings and increasing their operational efficiency through Intelligent Automation (IA).

Both events were very well attended, drawing nearly 100 combined guests from leading enterprises including JP Morgan, Prudential, E*Trade, BCBS, Northwestern, Golub Capital, ICE, Bank of America, Warner Music Group, and more.

“These events were an excellent opportunity to plug into the technology community and share knowledge and real-world Intelligent Automation success stories,” said Raheel Retiwalla, Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy at Productive Edge. “Together with experts in the field, we were able to discuss how IA is capable of transforming any organization across financial services, insurance, retail, and healthcare.”

Retiwalla along with Tom DiCicco from Productive Edge joined Jeff Segebarth and Todd Rathje from WorkFusion to present the benefits of Intelligent Automation and case studies of solutions by industry. Kerry Wang was available to answer questions about IA and described his processes at Humana. Attendees left with an Intelligent Automation use case booklet to help them identify opportunities to achieve similar impacts within their organizations.

The more prepared you are to adopt new technologies, the better you will be at empowering your workforce, enhancing your products, and reducing operational risks and inefficiencies. Stay tuned for future Productive Edge events to learn about how IA can help your organization achieve cost savings and productivity improvement.

See pictures below from the events!




















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Tory Fedder

Tory Fedder is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Productive Edge.

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