Productive Edge Q2 Artificial Intelligence Update

May 31, 2017

Major advancements in Artificial Intelligence are being announced nearly every week as both the breadth and pace of growth in Ai appears to grow exponentially. The Ai team at Productive Edge collects the most important to share with our readers. Here are our favorite announcements and discoveries from the past few months.


Using Ai to copy the Human Voice. In 1874, Alexander Graham Bell said “If I could make a current of electricity vary in intensity precisely as the air varies in density during the production of sound, I should be able to transmit speech telegraphically.” On April 24, a new startup called Lyrebird demonstrated a new API that will copy the voice of anyone with as little as a one-minute sample.


This New Tech Can Copy Anyone’s Voice Using Just a Minute of Audio


B2B SaaS vendors are boarding the Ai train at an unprecedented pace. The addition of machine learning and neural networks to core business and marketing software used by the majority of large businesses will have significant ramifications.


Why B2B needs artificial intelligence


A new documentary debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival about the European Go champion Fan Hui explores human defeat by artificial intelligence.


Finding Solace in Defeat by Artificial Intelligence


Practical achievements in unsupervised learning are impacting the sporting world from Basketball to Soccer and beyond.


Can You Teach an A.I. to Be as Brilliant as Messi?


Using the power of AI technology, major basketball teams have reduced months of time spent analyzing recordings down to just 30 seconds.


Game-changing analytics are powering basketball teams


Artificial Intelligence technologies may be just what the brick & mortar retail industry needs in order to compete profitably in a modern world. From inventory and supply chain optimization to analyzing foot traffic, retailers are upping their game.


Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue for the retail industry


Imagine if your company could anticipate consumer needs before they are even expressed - that’s exactly what AI can do. In fact, it is already being used to accomplish this in the retail and content marketing fields.


As a Retail Marketing Technology, Artificial Intelligence Lends a Helping Hand



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