Xamarin: Mobilizing Blockchain

February 22, 2017

The revolutionary disintermediating power of Blockchain is taking the world by storm. It's opening up the doors to endless possibilities for businesses to become more lean and consumers more empowered than ever before. The core power of Blockchain is decentralizing transactions by removing the middle-man and creating a secure record shared by hundreds of devices, even millions. With mobile expected to drive 75% of all Internet usage in 2017, mobile applications are going to play a major role in enabling Blockchain-based platforms. The key to putting the power of Blockchain into the hands of consumers is delivering Blockchain apps that function across devices on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows Universal. However, the costs, security risks and quality control challenges of developing separate native mobile apps for all four platforms are substantial. What's needed for the mobile blockchain to be successful is a cross-platform, shared-code native development platform.

Xamarin is currently unrivaled in its ability to enable developers to deliver native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac in half the time it would take to develop separate applications for these platforms traditionally. It stands head and shoulders above alternative cross-platform solutions - ReactNative, PhoneGap and Titanium - in terms of security, scale and community with Microsoft's backing and more than 1.5 million developers worldwide and counting. As the implications of Blockchain continue to materialize, the competition to put the power of Blockchain into the hands of end users will increase exponentially, with mobile at the helm. The resulting imperative of speed to market will make Xamarin the tool of choice for native app development.

Even so, the real power of any application is the ability to deliver intuitive and compelling user experiences. While the urgency of speed to market will increase with the progression of Blockchain technology, applications with a poor user experience are sure to be nothing but a flash in the pan. With the great power of Blockchain comes the great responsibility of delivering applications that are intuitive and compelling. Leveraging Xamarin to deliver intuitive cross-platform mobile app experiences in less than half the time leaves more time to work through the nuances of the user experience that will enable businesses to maximize long-term ROI on mobile applications.

Having an experienced Xamarin partner is necessary in order to seize the disruptive opportunities in Blockchain technology. For a complimentary consultation, connect with Productive Edge at Services@ProductiveEdge.com or 312-561-9000.

About the author
Tom DiCicco

Tom DiCicco is a Client Partnership Director at Productive Edge.

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